Pricing Strategies That Work For You

Depending on the type of project, its scale, and its complexity, I use three different pricing strategies for medical translation. We'll always agree on the pricing strategy and the firm estimate before I begin work, so there won't be any surprises. 


Translation pricing structures:

  • Per Word

    The most common pricing system used in the translation industry. It's also one of the simplest to use. I apply this strategy to straight-forward documents or multiple-document projects with a measurable word count. The word count will be included in your estimate, so you can take a look for yourself.



  • Hourly Rate

    The hourly rate is best for complex, involved projects with many facets. For example, if you need document preparation, formatting, translation, and consulting. You will receive a time estimate for the project before we begin. If more time is needed, I will always check with you first. Some projects may be priced with a combination of per word and hourly rates if it makes more sense for you financially.

  • Flat Rate

     The aim of the flat project fee is to simplify the translation process. It is used when there are numerous aspects to the project (such as version control, terminology management, multiple rounds of third party editing or language consultation).



Know what to expect beforehand

You've got a lot riding on your medical translation project: revenue, results, respect. So it makes sense that you want to be as informed as possible before working with a translator. Being informed is one of the best ways to stay ahead of managing projects and communication between parties. When working with me, you will always be informed about the ins and outs of a project before I begin. We'll decide on a price, and you'll lay out your requirements for the project, so there won't be any surprises. A typical project goes through the phases below, although all texts are different, and some may require a different strategy.


Client Confidentiality

Get relief from uncertain confidentiality practices. We'll sign an NDA before we work together, and your project will not be discussed or shared with third parties without your express permission. Your projects stay your business.